November 1, 2022Program planning, development, and outreach.
March 1, 2023Application open for submission.
May 1, 2023Application closed for review.
May 7, 2023Winner(s) announced and contacted.


Essay - 1,024 USD

The essay is scored based on the students' accomplishments and their motivations. Please use Submit Application to submit your responses to the following essay prompt.

  • Why are you pursuing a computer science or cybersecurity field in college?
  • Please share couple links that give me a context for who you are and/or some cool projects you have worked on.

Programming Challenge (TBD)

The programming challenge is a puzzle that's redesigned each year unless it wasn't solved. You can use any language (and dependencies) to implement the solution. The challenge solution will always be a string like xorgrant{$solution} where the $solution is from the [A-Za-z0-9_]+ character set. For example, if you reach a solution like xorgrant{hello_world_challenge_solution}, you can submit either of the following variations as the answer.

  • xorgrant{hello_world_challenge_solution}
  • hello_world_challenge_solution


Can I re-submit my application as many times as I want?

Yes you can! Only the most recent submission is processed in the LIFO order.

How will the results be sent out?

The winner(s) and all applicants will be informed through the provided email address. So please make sure that all information provided in your application is up-to-date and accurate.